Carolina Sanchez Levi

Carolina Sanchez Levi

Ausstellungsort: Kamener Stadthalle

I was born in Colombia on the 9th of August 1953. Immigrated in 1983 to Israel. Living in Eilat since 2003. I'm a Painter, Sculptress, and woodworker. I do Landscapes Art, Portrait Painting, Modern Abstract Impressionism, and Minimalist Art.


  • 1976 - Interior Design in London.
  • 1989 - Pottery and Sculpture at the Beit Hecht in Haifa.
  • 1989-Painting and Drawing at the Beit Hecht Haifa.
  • 1993-Woodworking at the Beit Sefer Amal.
  • 1994-Wall Painting Techniques - Paint Magic in Tel Aviv.

Group Exhibitions

  • 05-05-23 "Folded Art" project in Paris at the Space Gallery " Memory of the Future."  In the Belleville Quarter.
  • 14-07-23 "Sequence" At the Fundation Venanzo Crocetti- Art Museum.
  • 02-03-23 "On the Face" s Stories of Portrait at the Ben Ami Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 25-02-23 "Regional Landscape" Eilat Gallery, Eilat.
  • 12-02-23 "Part of the Landscape" at the Ben Ami Gallery - Tel Aviv.
  • 08-12-22 "Collage, Montage...Sabotage" Ben Ami Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 29-10-22 "Art on a Reporter" Ben Ami Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • 13-09-22 "Expressia" Art Forum Eilat.
  • 01-09-22 From Israeli Breakfast to the Last Supper."
  • 05-08-22 "Familiology"  Ben Ami Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  • 01-07-22 "You Need Two to Tango" Ben Ami Gallery, Tel Aviv.

Group Exhibitions in  Eilat

  • 17 exhibitions from 2017 till today.
  • 2016
  • National Competition sponsored by The Rotary Club Israel
  • "Swords to Plowshares" Prophesy of Isaiah. Reaching peace between Israel and the Muslim World.
  • In this competition, I won the award to represent Eilat in the exhibition at the Knesset (Israel's parliament).

"Life is colorful with infinite Beauty. We are the painters of our own Life."